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Repeat After Me: TTIP is Happening – And That’s Good.

Don’t believe the hype. TTIP WILL happen, and it means potentially great things for trans-Atlantic real estate owners and occupiers. TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and European Union) is controversial, but ultimately necessary AND mutually beneficial. The EU especially needs it to provide a boost to sluggish Eurozone growth.

Since tariffs between the two zones are already relatively low (around 4% on average), TTIP has focused instead on harmonizing regulations and strengthening investment protections (particularly investor‐state dispute mechanisms). The EU estimates that 80% of TTIP’s economic value will result from reducing bureaucracy and regulations, while liberalizing trade in services and public procurement. Reduction of these so called Non‐tariff Trade Barriers (NTBs) will have a significant positive impact on how US firms (especially manufacturers) do business across the Atlantic.

Make no mistake about it, it will be a game changer, especially for real estate. Owners and occupiers will have an opportunity to either create value or get left behind by more nimble competitors. We at Real Estate Interests, LLC (REI) have been monitoring TTIP’s progress for nearly three years. We will have our clients poised to compete and win in the largest free trade zone the world has ever known.

Experienced real estate consultant, scholar and visionary, Emery Matthews founded and serves as the principal of Detroit-based Real Estate Interests, LLC. Matthews has been a major player in the Detroit real estate landscape for more than a decade, regularly managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects and investments. Real Estate Interests, LLC provides specialized consulting services designed to help guide companies through major changes and complex deals, managing assets and property, and advising decision makers. Matthews and his team are currently managing projects in Detroit and across the U.S. in the automotive, manufacturing and education spaces, while increasing their foothold in the rapidly growing Sub-Saharan African nations of South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. A Detroit native, Matthews earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and simultaneously earned a Juris Doctorate and Master’s of Business Administration degree from Harvard University. As a lifelong learner with a global vision, Matthews is fluent in German and currently working to improve his Chinese.